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Watch out ...Intel Atom C processors will completetly die due to a flaw in processor
If you have a NAS, a Router (like Cisco) or a less capable PC with a Intel Atom C processor you might be heading for trouble.

Due to a "clock flaw" in the Intel Atom C2000 processors they are "likely to fail at an accelerated rate after 18 months of operation" theregister.co.uk states

Fail as in "completely die" and not boot again ...ever

The specific SKUs are:
C2308, C2338, C2350, C2358, C2508, C2518, C2530, C2538, C2550, C2558, C2718, C2730, C2738, C2750, and C2758 (stepping B0)

Intel is silent.

Have a look here

Published by: Jesper B. Kiær at 10-02-2017 16:56:00 Full Post

Shrinking the 0.44 MB large IBM Domino favicon.ico to something useful
Normally favicons are very tiny graphic files, just a few KB in size.

But to my surprise I saw that the IBM Domino favicon was a whopping 449,4 KB in size . and took over 0.7 seconds to load

The reason is that an ICO file can contain many images inside and thus be a multi-purpose graphics file.

Which can be great at times.... but sending a half megabyte favicon is probably not what you want

If you want to keep the IBM Domino favicon but only a 16x16 version, you can just download the normal IBM Domino favicon from the server, open it in GIMP, delete all the layers except for a 16x16 image and save it again.

Upload it to the Domino server again to "Domino/html/favicon.ico".

If on Linux remember to change ownership.

After this change the file was 1.1 KB and loaded in an instant

Published by: Jesper B. Kiær at 25-01-2017 23:41:00 Full Post

Synology Cloud Station - Important update 4.2.1-4374 ... much much improved performance
If you have been using Synology Cloud Station for instant backing up files from your PC/Mac to a Synology NAS, you have must likely been very disappointed with the performance.

It has been REALLY slow and Synolgy NAS running at 99% in CPU usage.

Well good news ...update your Synology NAS to the new Cloud Station version 4.2.1-4374 and you client software too.

You will now experience performance has improved manyfold! ...and it is actually very useful now :-)

Published by: Jesper B. Kiær at 23-11-2016 09:58:34 Full Post

The non-existing Fix Pack 7 for IBM Domino - Notes is to be released in September
The Fix Pack 7 for IBM Notes/Domino is to be released i September 2016.

However is seems to be non-existing..?

If you look at the actual fixlist with the list of fixes, it does not contain anything for FP7.

So is IBM transferring the fixes from 9.0.2. to FP7 ..or what is going on?

We will see in September....(but still strange).

Published by: Jesper B. Kiær at 01-08-2016 Full Post

From IBM Support a warning ...load compact -replica may cause loss of data


Modifying documents while compacting with -replica may lead to data loss.

Quite serious since the hole point of using the -replica option is that the database should be accessible while compacting...well it is accessible ....but you may loose your data it you modify data...

IBM Solution: Don't use Compact -Replica while the server is online ...(??)

Published by: Jesper B. Kiær at 31-07-2016 17:38:00 Full Post

Read and write to the MS Windows Registry from Java
Sometimes you need to read or write to the MS Windows Registry (be careful!).

This can normally not be done from Java, but by using JNA you can access the MS Windows API.
In JNA a lot of the MS Windows API has already been mapped so it is ready for use.

This is a short simple example on how the get the installed Flash version:

	if (Advapi32Util.registryKeyExists(root,keyStr)) {
	}else {
		System.out.println("Could not find " + keyStr +"\\"+valueStr);

This will print: 21,0,0,213

Take a look here for the other methods for handling the Windows Registry:


Published by: Jesper B. Kiær at 15-04-2016 16:50:00 Full Post